Industrial Automation

For ARCsom, all activities in terms of PLC, HMI and SCADA are automation-related. We supply components and take care of the programming. This means that, after testing and delivery from our part, our customers receive reliable installations. We also take care of the electrical parts and data platforms for several projects. To achieve all of this, we work together with experienced partners. We have expertise in a variety of fields.


As automation experts, we know that local automation is just the first step of the process.

We can help you to be more efficient using Industrial Internet of Things.
Please take a look at our numerous success stories!

For these projects we used technologies like: Remote Access & device monitoring, Datalogging & reporting, LPWAN technologies (LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT) and M2M communications (MQTT, HTTP, Modbus TCP/IP).


With more than 15 years of experience in providing customized solutions, we find ourselves in the perfect position to provide answers for a variety of problems.


Lifetime Extension Program (lep) is an insurance for Schneider Electric PLC and HMI devices.


Let your HMI devices use your Active Directory logins in order to centralize user management. Log all user actions by saving all your Audit Trails to your personal database. For more information, visit


A modern cloud platform to centralize all your connected devices. It doesn’t matter which devices you use to communicate. We can connect every tool to our IoT-ARCsom platform. Our customers already use this for:

  • Visualization
  • Setting setpoints / sending commands to devices
  • Tracking / Geofencing
  • Alarming (and SMS / E-mail notifications)
  • Historical trending

HMI in the cloud !

We develop your cloud application for complete control of your devices and machines


adpl or “Automatic Data & Program Loader” is a software that allows you to backup the program and the data from your Schneider Electric PLC devices.

Use this tool to make sure that you always have a recent backup of all your connected PLC devices on the network.

The backups can be scheduled to extract the DATA and STA files at the moment you want.